A high quality range of 3, 5 or 7 leg subsoilers designed to eliminate compaction problems caused by today’s modern farming techniques. With the ever increasing use of larger equipment NRH's low draft subsoilers are the ideal solution. The V configuration makes the machine a lot more efficient than a single beam version, the leading tine disturbing the soil for the following tines. Made in the UK from top quality materials and designed for low maintenance and long life.

auto reset subsoiler newstuff vid thumb3leg subsioler clay vid thumb3leg subsioler clay 2 vid thumbFEATURES

  • Works with 120HP-400HP tractors
  • Fits CAT2 or 3 linkage, CAT4 available
  • Legs made from special high grade XAR500 carbon steel
  • Shear Bolt protection
  • Quick fit 4" or 6" subsoiler feet
  • Feet have leg wear protection side plates
  • 610mm/24" Packer roller or 580mm/23" solid coil available 
  • Packer roller/coil has hydraulic adjust as standard
  • Maximum working depth 610mm/24"
  • Main frame made from 300x200x12 box section
  • Optional leg spacing
  • Tine bar for extra cultivation available with various options