An extremely versatile front press suitable for all soil types. The large diameter and aggressive teeth allow the packer to turn in virtually all conditions. The increased rolling circumference of the roller over and above conventional packer rollers, means they do not bulldoze in soft going, reducing horsepower requirements and are less prone to blocking in wet sticky conditions due to the large diameter and the scraper bar. Its weight can be easily adjusted by ballasting the roller, increasing or decreasing the amount of liquid in the barrel where an optimum weight can be achieved to suit different working soil conditions and the required finish. The Roller will firm from the surface down ahead of the tractor, sitting the tractor more on the surface which means shallower wheeling’s. The power harrow won’t have to work so deep thereby actually reducing horsepower requirement and increasing output. The teeth cut the clods and lift the top 2 – 3 inches to start the seedbed creation ahead of the power harrow drill.
Two rows of straight Jackpot tines, paddle boards and heavy-duty tines are available as an option. Fitting a tine frame to a Front Press allows the whole width to be levelled and cultivated. Jackpot and heavy duty rigid tines meet the need for effective consolidation and the creation of a fine, level seedbed on light, medium and heavier soils. They have the effect to increase the cultivation action, crushing clods, improve levelling the surface and save time and money preparing the ideal seedbed. The heavy duty 80x10 spring steel paddle tines have a greater vibration effect to improve levelling while the boards themselves cultivate and consolidate. 3 or 4 metre tine frames available for 1.5m packers. Fitting a 3 or 4 metre tine carrier to a 1.5m Front Packer Roller allows the whole width to be levelled and cultivated whilst the 1.5m, presses between the tractor wheels and the tractor wheels press the rest of the working width. Double tine and paddle options now available for a greater working capacity.


  • Toothed 750mm diameter packer roller
  • Can be water or oil filled to increase weight
  • Easy to adjust hard wearing scrapers
  • Self-steering
  • Heavy duty 3 point linkage back frame as standard
  • Quick release safety ‘A’ frame optional on smaller machines
  • Polypropylene wear strip
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • Heavy duty rigid tines, jackpot tines or paddle tines (option)
  • Assistor springs on front row of jackpot tines
  • Independently depth adjustable rigid tines